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(Who Are These Photogenic, Comedic Geniuses?)
The following hysterical and cerebral PRN-ites comprise the current ImproVACATIONS! show season troupe:

PRN Current Performance Troupe is:
- John Kelly 

- Marc Wasserman
- Cheryl Cameron
- Dianne Schnoebelen
- Sarah Gibbon
- Cody Hopper
- Sam Waisman
- Preston Helms
- Megan Gunsorek
- Sean Mendez
- Paco Moncada
- Giovanna Cabrera
- Jeff Tuttle
- Andy Mora
- Isabel Oraha

Be sure to say hi after a performance, and maybe offer a snack.
They're pretty friendly.

PRN on Hiatus
- Jonah Price (enjoying San Jose!)
- Alex Herbert (Florida?)
- Daniel Martinez (enjoying various locales!)

- Sheena Peppler (when visiting!)
- Russel Bigleman (*RIP and not forgotten)
- Vincent Sanchez (SeaWorld and beyond!)

PseudoRandomNoise = PRN:
PRN Productions and PseudoRandomNoise Improv is led by the charismatic John Kelly. Please contact John (PRN, wait, John) directly at the 'Find Us!' page for PRN questions & bookings, or by dropping a note via the form in the 'YOU!' page.

PRN works throughout SoCal to aid in presenting improv / acting workshops for all ages and is focused on youth/teen and adult show performer development. PRN helps stand up other improv-interested groups to widen the appreciation of improv comedy.

Interested in improv? PRN operates select workshop experiences and periodically auditions for future show performers to join PRN. 
If interested,
please see our 'Find Us!' page. 
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