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FIND PRN - by email: 
PRN is easy to find.  
We welcome emails directly to PRN's ImproVACATIONS account:
Or use our convenient form found under the 'YOU!' selection

FIND PRN - by regular mail: 
PRN's postal address is:
PRN Productions, POB 211, Temecula, CA, 92593-0143

(Please note we check the snail mail here once a month or so, therefore email truly is the better way to go...)

BOOK PRN - earlier than later:
PRN welcomes your interest for select bookings primarily in the following categories: theater, club, winery, workshop, conference, special event. 

PRN is active typically within both Riverside and San Diego county venues (LA through San Bernadino, Murrieta/Temecula, Escondido, La Jolla, San Diego) but other spots are welcome. 

While a for-profit production group, PRN supports performances for various non-profit and fundraiser opportunities as well.
PRN typically follows either a for-fee or percentage of gross agreement for performances, but we're open to barter and other arrangements. No chickens however.

Please email your contact information to the above and we'll reciprocate with our top secret phone numbers for immediate return contacting, shaping of show, scheduling, and arrangements.

Additionally, we can email you our compact yet concise show summary as well as a do-it-yourself folding show brochure describing in more detail how PRN can bring unique value to your venue.
See the below 'Specifics of the Show' for even more details on how quickly ImproVACATIONS! can be presented in any venue.

BOOK PRN - Specifics of the Show
(For the show booker) 
PRN has developed several unique
shows built around its audience participation and 'improv variety' brand elements. Our current shows include 'ImproVACATIONS!' (mainstage and club forms), "VS!" (our competitive improv show), and "FNL" (a sketch, medium form improv, and game show jam) with a bit on all below:

'ImproVACATIONS!' - The Show
ImproVACATIONS! is an immediately available, family-friendly, venue-scaleable show requiring zero/minimal setup and staging format using 3-6 'show facilitators' and host. 

ImproVACATIONS! is a
unique live, highly audience participatory, fully improvised comedy show that utilizes randomized short form, fully show-presentable improv game structures selected by the audience with audience participation in EVERY scene.  

Each scene is a high energy mini-show opportunity incorporating one (or more) audience member ON STAGE to write, direct, and even star with the core performers, increasing audience affinity and interest in the show exponentially.

The show provides a unique experience different from other typical improv shows that primarily obtain inputs from audience members and then perform short or long form discussions or scenes, or from other comedy offerings primarily focused on standup comics. Both are great, but often provide a more passive / less active environment for the audience who may want to enjoy and actually participate in the comedy being created before their eyes.

No show is the same EVER even in dual show evenings, due primarily to the following: (a) fully audience-selected scenes, (b) audience-participatory inputs, and (c) direct audience acting and interactions ON STAGE with PRN's ImproVACATIONS! hosts. 

The show is scaleable for various times/lengths, audience ages sizes, and venues from small/intimate clubs to medium and larger theaters. Minimal sound, lighting, rehersal, and logistic support is required to host ImproVACATIONS! at any size venue. 

For a show packet describing more details and arranging your specific interests, please contact via the above.

'VS!' - The Show
VS! is a unique approach to individual and group competitive improv where YOU the audience gets to decide who lives (er, wins) in a novel start-as-strangers, end-as-friends hilarious evening.

The Show presents various PRN and even at times other regional improv stars in a series of increasingly hysterical solo, paired, and group scenes. A novel staging and support infrastructure makes VS! a terrific audience-oriented show scalable for any venue too.

Yes, there are awards (or at least opportunities to have the winning performers make their mark on the fabulous PRN TODV - Trophies of Dubious Value) and a chance to establish a living and lasting legacy of improv showcase-manship (trust us, it's a word) courtesy of the massive audience support necessary to propel the winning folks to the finish. Be one of the first to enjoy and partake of this new approach to competition in comedy - VS! It's like 'Survivor' but with more clothes!

'Sketchy' - The Show
Sketchy is an
intimate yet hilarious medium and long form improv scene sequence show based on providing a 'behind the scenes' look at how improv situations are created.

The show is based on exploring the creation of an improv 'scene' or sequence of scenes to engage in telling a story.  Through the use of various short form mechanics within a long form single or multi scene framework, PRN creates a unique 'medium form' structure through which the audience sees how a scene is developed from start to finish, how scenes link into stories, and how characters are created and woven in throughout.

True to PRN form, audience members participate at times on stage with the players, increasing their engagement & enjoyment.
Other scene work is included simply for sheer enjoyment of seeing a story come to life with little more than a word.

Who knows what might occur with a mix of short and medium form improv with audience guests occurring alongside of a deconstructed sketch or cold reading or sitcom before your eyes combined with a series of game shows where audiences participate! Too fun for a club and mixed party atmosphere and our current Merc showcase.
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